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Illcon Aplication

Multimedia & Social Network Service Application

VR IChat

Virtual Reality Chat Feel the interlocutor as they are there with you


Eletric Bike Cycling on a whole new level


Power bank Regenerating electricity

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About Us

ILLCON, INC. is an American Technology Conglomerate, serving in sectors of Multimedia, Social Network, Advertising and Hardware Development.

It has been founded in the twenty-first day of July, a.d. 2020, AT 5:04 o'clock p.m.

Legal Form: C-Corp, Incorporated in the First State of Delaware, USA.

ILLCON, INC. is now operating in the Global Market with one product Illcon Application, which was released in App Store and Play Store on August 2020.

Some of our products that will be launched soon are VR IChat, IBike, and IPower.

Our team consists of individuals who are ready to do their best, driven by the desire to succeed, our products will be delivered with the highest quality and will be ready to have its positive impact on society.

Together we will be developing the future.

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Lead Team

Outsource Teams

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Email us at [email protected] or connect with us through our chat bot and we will reply shortly after.

You can also stop by us by visiting our offices on the addresses below.

Our locations include:

US: Delaware & New York, Manhattan

Kosovo: Prishtine